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I got a call from these yahoo's and they stated that my PC was infected with a virus and that it was sending them data.I've been in IT for 15+ years so I immediately knew this was bunk.

However I wanted to see what they were up to so I played dumb. First they had me go to the Event Viewer to see how "Red X's" I have. I had 95 and they were flabbergasted! Next they wanted to remote into my PC so they could scan it.

I quickly fired up a virtual machine. It's a Windows 7 machine with all the patches and no 3rd party software installed. First they went into Task Manager and looked at the performance. He stated that the CPU should be running 80-90% and the 7% it was running was a result of being hacked.

Then they looked at the memory and said the utilization was too low and that caused internet slowness. Both of those statements are totally false. Next we looked at the services running on my machine. Some of them were stopped (which some should be).

He told me that they should all be running and the hacker had stopped them. Again, totally false. Next he copied a file to my PC so he scan my PC and see how infected it really is. He ran a file which I noticed was a vb script.

It stated I was infected with a virus and had been hacked by someone in NY. Finally he stated that my software warranty had expired and that I could simply renew it through their company. That's when I called him out. I told him he was actually in a VM (which he didn't understand) and that I was an IT Pro and I told him that he lied to me on each thing he pointed out.

He stated he did nothing illegal. I told him that they are deceiving people and are unethical. He kept back-pedaling stating he was doing nothing illegal even though I never mention legalities. I asked to talk to the CEO, but he was busy and would have to call me back.

Yeah right. I took a look at the vb script he copied to my PC and all it does is open a command prompt and echo that I've been hacked. They can't even write a script to make it look like it was scanning something.

Pathetic.If you're going to scam people, put a little more effort in to it.

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Good job, those guys are bad news. I had a friend who I thought was tech savvy get hoodwinked by these types. I give him *** about it all the time.

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